Deposit claims

Your landlord must put your deposit in a government-backed Tenancy Deposit Scheme if you rent your home on an assured shorthold tenancy that started after 6 April 2007.

One of the most common problems with landlord and tenants are Deposit disputes. It’s very common for landlords to withhold deposits from tenants and in order to protect tenant deposits from an unfair dispute, the UK government introduced a deposit protection scheme for Landlords to register and keep every deposit safely in the scheme within 30 days.

Once your Landlord has received your deposit, they must do the following.

1. They need to tell you the address of the rented property.
2. Provide how much deposit you’ve paid.
3. Confirm how the deposit is protected.
4. Provide the name and contact details of the tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme and its dispute resolution service.
5. Provide their (or the letting agency’s) name and contact details.
6. Highlight conditions under which they would keep some or all of the deposit.
7. Detail how to apply to get the deposit back and what to do if you can’t get hold of the Landlord at the end of the tenancy.
8. Detail what to do if there’s a dispute over the deposit.

Rent Repayment Order (RRO)

A rent repayment order (RRO) is a penalty that requires repayment of a sum of up to a maximum of 12 months’ rent paid in respect of a rented property by a Landlord or Agent who has committed a particular offence listed in the legislation even if they have not been convicted.

In order to grant an RRO, a tribunal must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that one of these offences has been committed.

  • Having control of or managing an unlicensed property, under s.95 Housing Act 2004

  • Using or threatening violence for securing entry into premises, under s.6 Criminal Law Act 1977

  • Failure to comply with prohibition order, under s.32 Housing Act 2004

  • Illegal eviction or harassment, under s.1 Protection from Eviction Act 1977

  • Failure to comply with improvement notice, under s.30 Housing Act 2004

  • (from 6 April 2018) breach of banning order, under s.21 Housing and Planning Act 2016

  • Having control of, or managing, an unlicensed house in multiple occupation, under s.72 Housing Act 2004.

If your Landlord is guilty of any of the above we are able to help file a claim for a rent repayment order on a no win no fee basis, just fill out our contact form and a representative will contact you by your chosen form of contact.