Tenancy Deposit Scheme UK

Tenancy Deposit Scheme UK

Tenancy Deposit Scheme UK


For every Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement in England & Wales the Landlord has a responsibility to enter the tenants deposit into one of three government backed tenancy deposit schemes.



  1. Deposit Protection Service (DPS)

  2. My Deposit scheme (MDS)

  3. Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)

The TDP schemes ensure tenants get back their deposit as long as they have not breached the terms of their Tenancy Agreement.


The Tenancy Deposit Schemes offer 2 different protection options:

  1. The scheme holds the deposit for free, this is known as a ‘custodial’ scheme.

  2. The Landlord or the agent holds the deposit and pay the scheme to insure it, this is known as an insured scheme.

  • If there is a dispute regarding the deposit at the end of the Tenancy the deposit remains protected in the scheme until the issue is settled however If the deposit was protected in an ‘insured’ scheme, the Landlord or the agent must give the deposit to the TDP scheme to be held by them until the issue is settled.

The deposit must be returned to the tenants within 10 days of both Landlord and Tenant agreeing how much they should get back.