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Tenant Protection UK


With an Assured Short Hold Tenancy you should be assured of certain RIGHTS as below:


  • Be provided with a written Tenancy agreement for both parties to sign.

  • Your Tenancy agreement should be fair and comply with the law.

  • Be able to live in a property that’s safe and in a good state of repair.

  • With an Assured Short Hold Tenancy your deposit should be protected and sent the prescribed information within 30 days of paying it.


  • You should have your deposit returned at the end of your Tenancy and in some situations less any deductions that have been mutually agreed.

  • You should be shown an Energy Performance Certificate for the property.

  • You should know who your landlord is.

  • Be protected from unfair eviction and unfair rent.

  • If you do not know who your landlord is you should write to the person or Estate Agent you pay your rent to.


Your Landlord can be fined If they do not give you this information within 21 days.

As a tenant on an Assured Short Hold Tenancy you also have some RESPONSIILITIES as below:

  • You should allow your Landlord access to the property to carry out repairs or inspection providing your Landlord gives you at least 24 hours’ notice and visit at a reasonable time of day, unless it’s an emergency and they need immediate access.

  • You should take good care of the property at all times for example being hazard perceptive around the house.

  • You should always pay the agreed rent, even if repairs are needed or you’re in dispute with your Landlord.

  • You should always pay any other charges agreed with the Landlord, for example, Council Tax or utility bills.

  • You should make sure to repair or pay for any damage caused by you, your family, or friends.

  • You should sublet a property without the consent of the Landlord unless agreed on the tenancy agreement.